Meet the Staff of Saddleback Chapel Serving Families in Orange County, CA

Allen Bisbee, President, Funeral Director

Allen Bisbee

Rev. Dr. David Laughray, Pre-Need Counselor and Funeral Director

Dr. David Laughray"I am so grateful to represent Saddleback Chapel, a mortuary that clearly puts the needs of the families they serve FIRST."

Nancy E. Shumar, Funeral Director

Nancy E. Shumar"It is both a challenge and a blessing to assist families at what may be the lowest time of their lives, to feel that you have made a difference and eased their pain and burden."

Katie Bullock, Family Service Counselor

Katie Bullock

Art Tejada, Embalmer and Funeral Director

Art Tejada

Steve Gifford, Family Service Counselor

Steve Gifford

Carol Hampton, Bookkeeper

Carol Hampton"Saddleback Chapel has such a relaxed environment! We pride ourselves on helping families through their difficult period. Our motto is "Families First" and that is exactly how we serve!"

Staff Photography by Cuselleration.

The funeral director showed a level of concern and compassion that put to ease any worries of what needed to be done. He took a personal approach, listened, and not only counseled, but also consoled. He was a blessing to me and my family. —A.F.