Pre-Planning Funeral Arrangements in Tustin & Orange County

Pre-planning Funeral Arrangements in Tustin & Orange County

Arranging your end-of-life services in advance ensures that your wishes are precisely followed, while your family is not burdened with the task of making emotionally difficult decisions.

A Gift of Love

This gift—pre-arranging your last wishes—may be a true blessing to your spouse and children. Avoid the burden of confusing decisions, frantic planning, and the financial demands that are typical immediately following a loss. And your selections today will help your family to stay within a budget that you have designed and approved, without the guilt sometimes associated with funeral spending: "No matter how much we spend, will it be good enough for my loved one?"

If you simply wish to make your choices in advance and keep them on file, we are happy to help you with this at no charge. However, pre-paying for your final arrangements has added benefits—funding can be arranged to cover funeral costs so that no financial burden is placed on your family after your death.

Pay Ahead for Funeral Costs

Pre-planning our final arrangements does more than alleviate emotional stress for family members. There are certain financial benefits to paying ahead:

  • Funeral expenses are frozen at today’s rates.
  • It protects your assets, including life insurance.
  • You may take your time, examine options, and make informed decisions.
  • It affords an opportunity to discuss your plans with loved ones.
  • It eliminates costs associated with emotional overspending.

Let the professionals at Saddleback Chapel assist you in planning your final arrangements. Visit our create a pre-arrangement page to begin. View a copy of our general price list for basic information about costs for burial services.

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