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Saddleback Chapel in Orange County Assists in Funeral Pre-Planning

There are two parts to pre-arranging your funeral or that of a loved one: documentation and financial planning. At Saddleback Chapel, you may contact us to set up a personal counseling session.

Funeral Pre-Planning Documentation

A Pre-Arrangement Form guides you in preparing the information necessary to create the funeral you choose.

Documents such as military papers and insurance forms are gathered and filed. Decisions about the type of funeral arrangements—burial or cremation—you prefer are documented, and details such as music, charitable memorials, or even the clothing you are buried in will all be recorded and filed.

Pre-Paying Funeral Expenses

There are different ways to pre-pay for a funeral:

  • Payment in full
  • Payments over a period of time
  • A life insurance policy that is equal to the value of the funeral

The pre-planning professionals at Saddleback Chapel are happy to discuss the many options available to you, determining the best course of actions for your needs and desires. View a copy of our general price list for information about current costs for funeral services.

Meet the Reverend Dr. David Laughray

Dr. David LaughrayRev. Dr. David Laughray, an ordained minister, is the manager of our Pre-Need Department. He helps families pre-plan their funeral service and offers assistance to those who have lost a loved one, aiding them in their journey through the grieving process.

Call us today to schedule your appointment at our offices or in your home.

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