Memorialization Benefits

Benefits of Funeral, Cremation, & Memorial Services at Saddleback Chapel

Throughout human history, funerals have been held for the deceased. While funeral rituals vary due to social, ethnic, and religious influences, the basic objective is to allow for grieving and to find closure.

Why Do We Need Funerals?

Funeral services provide a forum for the healthy expression of grief, faith, and the support of family. Creating an awareness of the altered family structure, the survivors recognize and acknowledge that their lives are changed forever.

However, the death of your loved one impacts more than just the family members. The lives that he or she touched throughout time may be many and varied—the funeral services you create will reach out to those others outside your immediate family and provide an opportunity to reflect and remember.

Their presence at your loved one’s visitation or funeral service will mean so much and may be an important step in the journey to healing from this loss.

Comfort for those family and friends of the deceased begins with the funeral traditions and customs, allowing others to grieve with us and to share fond memories of times past.

Create a service the way you choose by preparing your funeral arrangements today. Visit our Why Pre-Arrange? page and learn more about it.

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