Cremation Services From Saddleback Chapel
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Cremation Services From Saddleback Chapel

Cremation offers a variety of choices, from a simple gathering to an elaborate, traditional ceremony. No matter what you choose, the experts at Saddleback Chapel will create an experience that accurately expresses your vision for honoring a special life.

Choices in Cremation Services

Cremation options range from basic direct cremation without visitation or services, to customized cremation services with visitation and a funeral or memorial service. Our counselors will help you explore the many options and details that make our cremation services a personal and lasting tribute.

Saddleback Chapel provides families the opportunity to view their loved ones before cremation and will hold a body for several days to meet that need. We also support those who choose witnessed cremations as an important spiritual component of the end-of-life process. These extra services to families set us apart from the so-called "budget" cremation societies.

Basic options in cremation services include the following:

Traditional cremation service—This may consist of variations from the classic religious ceremony to a contemporary gathering. A traditional cremation service may include a viewing or visitation; a formal service at the funeral home, local church, or other venue; and any necessary transportation. Special rites such as praying the rosary and burning incense may be incorporated into the service and are a comfort those in attendance.

Memorial service—A memorial service may be planned at the funeral home or at a location of your choice. Personalization choices are endless at the memorial service, and we encourage a consultation with our celebrant to create a moving and memorable event.

Graveside service—A graveside service or gathering is held at the burial site or columbarium where the cremated remains are interred. This can be arranged separately or in conjunction with a memorial service. Rituals, such as releasing of doves, will serve to enhance the experience of those in attendance.

Disposition of the Remains

Cremation offers a variety of options in terms of the disposition of remains, including:

  • Buried in a cemetery or cremation garden
  • Placed in a columbarium
  • Kept at home on display or privately
  • Scattered in a significant place
  • Divided among family members
  • Made into artwork or jewelry

Celebrate a Special Life

Saddleback Chapel recognizes the sacredness of each person and is committed to supporting families during this difficult time. Recognizing that we cannot make the pain go away, Saddleback Chapel pledges to work with total compassion to make the grief journey less lonely and, perhaps, a little easier. We have an ordained interfaith minister on staff and on call to offer support in any way.

Our staff can help you create a ceremony that reflects the wishes, beliefs, cultural background, and values—religious or non-religious—of your loved one and your family.

Whether your family is secular, religious, spiritual, or interfaith, or if you simply wish to express yourself in a manner of your own choosing, Saddleback Chapel can help to create a meaningful, memorable, fitting end-of-life tribute.

Learn more about creating personalized funeral ceremonies.

View a copy of our general price list for information about costs for cremation services.

The most meaningful was the way that we were treated as people, with no pressure and such sensitivity. The funeral director was very understanding and helpful. —R.G.