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Our Philosophy

Saddleback Chapel Provides Service Beyond Expectation

At Saddleback Chapel, our goal is to treat each family with personal care and service to meet and exceed their every need. Everyone reacts to grief differently. Our goal is to meet each family’s unique needs, honor any special requests, and provide a memorable experience that will assist them on their path to healing. Our compassionate staff is adept at dealing with different cultures, personalities, and family situations to bring the most comprehensive approach to creating a meaningful end-of-life event for every family. These experienced and dedicated professionals guide you in choosing services that best suit your family’s needs. Arrange a funeral that truly reflects the interests and personality of your loved one and celebrates his or her life in a meaningful way at Saddleback Chapel: service beyond expectation.

Our History

Saddleback Chapel: Serving Tustin & Orange County Since 1963

Saddleback Chapel Mortuary is the first and only mortuary in Tustin, CA. It is our goal to provide service beyond expectation during your difficult time of loss. Ideas sometimes grow faster than Orange County. This idea was to serve Tustin with a much needed mortuary. The founders of Saddleback Chapel in 1963 had a vision. Build the very best; Establish a quiet, central location convenient to freeways; Provide a chapel of award winning beauty and design; Supply, decorate and landscape it for maximum comfort, privacy and reverence. Our mission over the past decades has been to treat every family with extraordinary personal care, giving service beyond expectation. Our service philosophy is reflected in the words of the 19th-century English statesman, William E. Gladstone (1809—1898)

“Show me the manner in which a nation or community cares for its dead and I will measure with mathematical exactness the tender sympathies of its people, their respect for the law of the land, and their loyalty to high ideals.”

Saddleback Chapel was designed to offer an atmosphere of beauty and serenity, where families feel enveloped in care. That remains our primary concern today. The past 60 years has brought significant change to our area. Tustin, also known as the “City of the Trees,” has grown and the population has broadened in cultural and ethnic diversity. Saddleback Chapel has kept pace with these changes and remains family-owned, independent, and deeply committed to a tradition of service to the residents of Tustin and Orange County.

Saddleback Chapel's philosophy for compassionate funeral services in Southern California.

Trusted Experience. The Highest Standards of Excellence.

As professionals in our field, we hold to the standard of excellence set by the Selected Independent Funeral Homes (SIFH). As a result, your Saddleback Chapel funeral directors maintain a high level of compassion and professionalism in helping you design a funeral that fits your personal needs and unique situation. You may learn more about this organization, find funeral resources, and gain an understanding of your rights as a consumer by visiting the Selected Independent Funeral Homes website.

In addition, we maintain membership in the Orange County Directors Association, The National Funeral Directors Association, California Funeral Directors Association and the International Cemetery, Cremation & Funeral Association. These organizations offer the latest in information, education, and technology, as well as additional services to our consumers, so that we may continually improve our service to you. Saddleback Chapel is an active member in our local Chamber of Commerce, contributing to the growth and stability of our beautiful community.

Meet the Staff of Saddleback Chapel

Allen Bisbee

President, Funeral Director
FDR Lic. 1483

Rev. Dr. David Laughray

Pre-Need Counselor and Funeral Director
CA Insurance Lic. 0F60254
FDR Lic. 3467

Randy Bryan

Asst. Manager and Funeral Director
FDR Lic. 269



Matthew Sarmiento

Pre-Need Counselor
CA Insurance Lic. 4130521


Cosmetologist and Service Director


Service Director

Matthew "Salvatore"

Receptionist Attendant

Justine S.

Arrangement Counselor


Death Certificate Specialist

Start Planning Ahead