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Thorough Funeral Pre-Planning in Tustin, CA

Saddleback Chapel Mortuary has been our community’s cornerstone of support and care since 1963. We offer funeral pre-planning in Tustin and Orange County, CA, arranging every aspect of the service beforehand to ease loved ones’ burdens. We’ll ensure every detail of your final tribute is meticulously arranged according to your wishes. We stand committed to delivering the highest customer service with services ranging from funeral planning, arrangements, selecting caskets and vaults, choosing burial plots, and picking out headstones.

Complete Planning Form – Basic


Complete Planning Form – Detailed

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Plan Effectively With This Helpful Check List

For those considering the pre-planning path, our comprehensive checklist ensures nothing is overlooked:

  • Vital statistics, including your full name and date of birth.
  • Social Security number for necessary documentation.
  • Veteran information for military honors, if applicable.
  • Affiliations with clubs or organizations for personalized tributes.
  • Persons to contact in case an end-of-life event occurs.
  • Funeral preferences to reflect your life and legacy.
  • Location of important documents and passwords for a seamless transition of responsibilities.

Complete Planning Form – Basic Complete Planning Form – Detailed

The Importance of Funeral Pre-Planning

Here are the benefits of planning funerals and burials ahead of time:

Your Wishes Fulfilled

Pre-planning ensures every personal preference is respected and honored. From the type of ceremony to the finer details of your memorialization, we help you articulate and document your desired arrangements.

Peace of Mind

By pre-planning, you can relieve family members from the stress of making decisions at a difficult time, offering them comfort knowing they are adhering to your wishes.

Reduced Costs

Securing today's prices prevents future cost increases. You can secure your investment while being financially savvy.

Professional Guidance

Our dedicated professionals provide expertise and support, guiding you through each step in the process.

We’ll Take Care of Your Family

Saddleback Chapel Mortuary invites you to sit down with our compassionate professionals to discuss, plan, and arrange your funeral or burial services, ensuring that your final wishes are carried through with honor and respect. We’ll walk you through the available casket, vault, headstone, burial plot, and arrangement options. We’ll collect your necessary information and documentation to make the process go smoothly. Our professionals will take complete care of you and your loved ones.

Complete Planning Form – Basic Complete Planning Form – Detailed


You are welcome to reach out directly to our planning specialist:
Matthew Sarmiento – CA. Ins. Lic. 4130521
Family Service Advisor
Saddleback Chapel – FD1099
Direct: (714) 417-8257

Start Planning Ahead